Sunday, November 13, 2011

The iLLUMINATI in Uganda

The word illuminati is now a common word and has been mostly associated with the western side.
But if you have any doubt that it is not near you, i want to assure you that our own musicians and the entire entertainment arm in Uganda is following the Agenda of the illuminati.

In the recently concluded PAM awards(2011), the video 'Agasi' by Jackie won Best Video 2011.
If you have read about the illuminati signs, you must be aware of the 'devil's horns'. It is this video,and this is the reason it won the PAM awards. Think about the category; butyampa,agasi,embaata,talk n talk. embaata and talk n talk are the commonest videos and must have been voted best. If you haven't watched the video then that's something you can consider as to why this video would in no way been the best video. if you have watched the video but had not noticed anything illuminati, do it adain watching closely Jackie's hands.

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  1. some things u gat to be sure first, for instance that video of embanta......!! i can't see any thing associating to the illuminates...and another thing this guy is a true born again christian.......24